Nov. 16, 2017, 6:43 p.m.

Hey! How are you?

My name is Inna and I'm just a girl next door… Easy going, open-minded. I guess I can keep on going complimenting myself, but that's not what you're here for, haha.
Most likely that you'll meet me somewhere on the streets of San Francisco or New York, because I am an immigrant.
I was born and raised in Russia. It's a beautiful country but I always knew that I was going to move to US. And at the age of 25 I finally did it.
It's a long story how I ended up here and where I've tried to immigrate before. And it's not important anymore since my dream came true!
The only downside was my visa restrictions. More importantly – my permission to work, since I can't get one, until I get Green Card. Playing Green card lottery for 5 years wasn't any luck for me.
So I had lot's of time!

Now I'm 29 yo. And I have a handsome baby boy, who is three years old. I wasn't just sitting, doing nothing at all as you can see, haha.
But about a year ago, when my son turned two years old, I felt that it was time to do something different in my life…

Before moving to US I worked as an accountant, and I did a good job I must say.
I graduated a good university and things were comfortable and predictable. But after staying at home for 3 years, I knew that I want a change. I don't want to be accountant anymore. I want to try something different. I want to change a career! And that's how it's all started…

Actually during those three years at home I was focusing on my favorite hobby – photography. It just so happens that now I know few things about it too ;)

Picking a career wasn't hard for me. I always liked working with (and playing games on, haha) computers. I've decided to start with Quality Assurance. It's those guys who test apps before you see them. And you can tell how good did they do their work after release, haha. It's very important and seemed interesting.

I took on-line class on Udemy, read some material and decided to pass a test ISTQB. It's a software testing certification that costs around 300$. In short, I've passed the first (foundation) level testing and was very proud of myself, and that I didn't loose the money lol. But where to go next?
It was very clear to me – Automation testing! But what do I need to get there? I need to know programming! And that was the first step.

At first I sticked to Udemy and their on-line courses. I took few courses which were focusing on Python language, and one about HTML & CSS. And I liked it. It was interesting. I could do things like a simple “BlackJack game” or building my web-site, and my blog of course.

But I wasn't completely into it. I still had to do thousands of things at home, like cook, clean and spend all my time with my son. So I've decided to focus on it way more then I did before, and I've enrolled into Diablo Valley College (East Bay, San Francisco).

I've checked their courses and programs. For example “Associate Degree” requires 60 units while many classes in the program have nothing to do with programming. I already have university degree anyway. So it wasn't right for me. I've decided simply to go with classes which I found mores suiting for a developer. I even picked a Certificate program (it's called “Data design and data structures”). It includes 3 classes: 1) Intro to programming with C++ (2) Advanced programming with C++ (3) Data structures and data design.

Being stay-at-home mom and going to college worked for me for some time, but still, it was really hard to focus on studying. And eventually I had to enroll my sweet boy into a daycare. Yeah, being an immigrant definitely not easy. I mean, there is no one to help. At all! But people are very strong, and usually they are way stronger then they think. They can deal with a lot of things. And stay positive as well haha.
Going back to present, I'm still taking classes at DVC and things are going pretty well.

I went from Python language to C++ language. It was a big and interesting change. I've learned so many things! And it's still keeping me wanting to know more, to read more, to learn more!

And that's my story!

I'll keep posting about being mom and studying to become a software developer, and how it will turn out eventually. I have so many things to tell you guys! Stay tuned :)