A little more about studying

Jan. 10, 2018, 9:49 p.m.

When I just started my first experiments with writing code, that’s what I’ve used:
1. udemy.com
2. Coursera.com
3. Official python documentation

There are lots and lots of resources in the internet, and free classes. Lets take coursera for example! It offers free courses if you are not for the certification. And it’s a good option! I mean certificate is nice and all, but real knowledge on subject is way better!
Then I’ve compared it to Udemy. And for me coursera wasn’t that convenient. Coursera sets their own dates and rules, when you supposed to start your education and what you should do. And the part with strict time frames didn’t work for me.
Being a mom I had to jungle household chores and a demanding toddler, and what I never had was free time. The only time I had was when my toddler was sleeping. Udemy courses you can take anytime, when you are ready. Even a year later.
Also they are supposed to be valid for a lifetime! The price at a time was ranging from 40$ up to 200$ (I saw they've changed their pricing policy, so it’s probably different now) though I never took any super expensive courses, the ones I actually took were worth the money!

I took:
1. Python courses
2. Django course (python framework)
3. HTML and CSS course
4. Quality assurance course
All of them were good. And teachers update material over time. Last time I’ve checked, there were new lectures which I haven’t even seen before. So it’s a big +.

And If you are really busy with your life, studying on-line is a very good choice. You can do it when you have time and at your own pace :)